What is a Cambodian Apsara?

What do Apsaras do?

apsara, in Indian religion and mythology, one of the celestial singers and dancers who, together with the gandharvas, or celestial musicians, inhabit the heaven of the god Indra, the lord of the heavens. Originally water nymphs, the apsaras provide sensual pleasure for both gods and men.

Why do people do the Apsara dance?

According to Hindu mythology, Apsaras were beautiful female creatures that descended from heaven to entertain Gods and Kings with their dance. As the Apsara dance is extremely complex, Cambodian children (particularly girls) are trained from a very young age to get enough flexibility to execute intricate movements.

What is a celestial nymph?

Description. Celestial nymphs (apsaras) are commonly found along the bottom exterior and interior walls of Khmer-period temples in both Cambodia and Thailand. The function of these female figures was to entertain the gods, who were believed to reside in temples while on earth.

Are apsaras married?

In the Vedas, the apsaras are water nymphs, often married to the gandharvas.

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