What is the contribution of Pigafetta in Philippine history?

What is the contribution of Antonio Pigafetta?

Antonio Pigafetta was an Italian scholar and explorer. He joined the expedition to the Spice Islands led by explorer Ferdinand Magellan under the flag of the emperor Charles V and after Magellan’s death in the Philippine Islands, the subsequent voyage around the world.

What was Antonio Pigafetta contribution during the first voyage around the world?

Pigafetta had managed to survive, along with his journal—notes that detailed the discovery of the western route to the Moluccas. And along the way, new land, new peoples: on the far side of the Pacific, the fleet had stumbled across the Marianas archipelago, and some three hundred leagues further west, the Philippines.

How did Pigafetta’s travelogue contribute immensely to the enrichment of Philippine history?

His work involved a cartographic recording of their findings, which included the first written accounts about Philippine history, and therefore are fundamental to know about their past.

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What is the contribution of the first voyage in the Philippine history?

Magellan was credited with leading the first expedition that proved that the world is round by sailing from east to west. After him, five more Spanish expeditions followed between 1525 and 1542, starting Spain’s colonization of the Philippines in the next three centuries.

What is the contribution of the first voyage?

It opened doors in the places where they passed, where people, ideas and goods were coming and going. It established commercial contacts between East and West that remained for centuries. Also, it promoted the exchange of multiple sorts of experiences (scientific, cultural, religious…).

Who was Antonio Pigafetta and what were his significant contributions to Philippine?

Antonio Pigafetta was a young Venetian, likely in his 20s when he arrived in the Philippines as part of Magellan’s crew on March 17, 1521. The geographer and scribe of the group, he recorded not only names of places and the vocabulary of the natives, but their food, attire, customs, and traditions, too.

What is the purpose of Pigafetta in writing the document?

Question 1: What is the primary reason of the author in writing the document Antonio Pigafetta’s First Voyage Around the World: A Travelogue? How was it produced? The Author wanted to document his journey across the globe. He wanted to detail the events and experience.

When and where was Ferdinand Magellan born?

How many days did the fleet sail in the Pacific Ocean without seeing any land?

His fleet accomplished the westward crossing of the ocean in 99 days, crossing waters so strangely calm that the ocean was named “Pacific,” from the Latin word pacificus, meaning “tranquil.” By the end, the men were out of food and chewed the leather parts of their gear to keep themselves alive.

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Which of these ship successfully returned to Spain?

The fleet performed the first ever crossing of the Pacific, stopping in what is today called the Philippines, where Magellan was killed, and eventually reached the Moluccas, accomplishing its goal. A much-depleted crew finally returned to Spain on 6 September 1522.

Magellan expedition.

Crew approx. 270
Survivors 18