Who did South Vietnamese invaded with American air support?

Why did South Vietnam invade Laos?

The reason for the operation in 1971 was to prevent the North Vietnamese from mounting a dry-season offensive in the South. While America still had military advisors attached to the South Vietnamese military, they did not join the South Vietnamese Army during the invasion.

What happened to the South Vietnamese ARVN troops who invaded Laos?

ARVN losses were over 100 killed and wounded and ten armored vehicles damaged. On the early morning of 4 March after two attempted medevacs had failed a B-52 strike took place and 77 Airborne wounded were evacuated. On 5 March an armored-Airborne column joined up with the unit and the remaining wounded were evacuated.

What happened in South Vietnam after the US left?

What happened after the United States withdrew from the war? After the U.S. had withdrawn all its troops, the fighting continued in Vietnam. South Vietnam officially surrendered to communist North Vietnam on April 30, 1975. On July 2, 1976, Vietnam was reunited as a communist country, the Socialist Republic of Vietnam.

Who fought in the Secret War in Laos?

These three countries came together and took on the task of stopping the spread of communism into Laos. This war between communist Vietnam and the alliance was known as the Secret War.


What connected North and South Vietnam?

From 1954 to 1975, Vietnam was again divided into two separate countries, it divided by the Bến Hải River in Quảng Trị Province at the 17th parallel, with the North led by a communist government, and the South by one that was nationalist.

Why did Vietnam veterans throw away their medals?

The veterans were there to protest the brutal and unwinnable war that the United States was perpetrating in Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia — the war in which those veterans earned those medals and ribbons in the first place. …

What happened in Operation Lam Son 719?

Operation Lam Son 719 was a crucial test of Vietnamization that began on 8 February 1971. The United States provided air and artillery support for 16,000 elite troops from Army of the Republic of Vietnam (ARVN) who crossed the border into Laos and raided the Ho Chi Minh Trail.

What is the significance of April 30th 1975?

On April 30, 1975, the South Vietnamese capital of Saigon fell to the North Vietnamese Army, effectively ending the Vietnam War. In the days before, U.S. forces evacuated thousands of Americans and South Vietnamese.