You asked: What does Angkor Wat reveal about the Khmer empire quizlet?

What does Angkor Wat reveal to us about the Khmer empire?

Angkor Wat shows that the Khmer Empire was a sophisticated, culturally advanced kingdom capable of extraordinary architectural feats.

Why was Angkor Wat significant to the Khmer quizlet?

This includes knowing that King Suryavarman II built Angkor Wat in the early 12th century and that it was dedicated to Vishnu (a god). Additionally it is the largest religious monument in the world with the site measuring over 162.6 hectares.

How does the Khmer empire Angkor Wat evidence religious diffusion quizlet?

How does the Khmer Empire (Angkor Wat) evidence religious diffusion? The royal monuments at Angkor Thom are evidence of both Hindu and Buddhist cultural influences on Southeast Asia. Hindu artwork and sculptures of Hindu gods adorned the city. … – Before Islam, Hinduism and Buddhism were popular.

What is Angkor Wat quizlet?

Angkor Wat is located in – Siem Reap, Cambodia. Largest religious monument in the world.

Why was the Khmer empire so successful?

Another key achievement of the Khmer Empire was its ability to build strong trade links with societies across South-East Asia. Trade in rice and fish became a key part of the Khmer Empire’s economy. Use of the Mekong River allowed the Khmer to trade in regions both north and south of the empire.

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How does Angkor show the influence of different cultures?

How does Angkor Wat offer evidence of Indian influence in the region? The temple complex blends elements of Indian architecture with Khmer style. It also contains sculptures and other art that reflects Hindu beliefs.

How did the Khmer empire develop and maintain power?

The Khmer Empire has its beginnings somewhere in the late eighth century when Jayavarman II (c. 770–835) is said to have returned to Chenla from exile in Java. … He swiftly built a power and support base by conquering and uniting the patchwork of petty kingdoms and domains in Chenla.

How is Angkor Wat different from Melaka from an economic perspective?

Angkor had a strong agricultural economy and dominated land based trade. Melaka in its earliest stages was more of a lair of pirates. Over time though Melaka became a state with a political system based on kings, bureaucrats, and administrators.