Your question: How do you say Happy New Year in Khmer 2021?

What is the greetings in Khmer?

When meeting, Cambodians will Som Pas and say Choum Reap Sur (Hello). When departing, again they will Som Pas and say Choum Reap Lir(Goodbye). Cambodians use Som Pas for greeting and to display respect.

When did Cambodian New Year begin and end in 2021?

New Year Dates in Khmer calendar & its Zodiac

Gregorian Date
2018 14 April 2043
2019 13 April 2044
2020 13 April 2045
2021 13 April 2046

How do you say hello in Khmer formal?

Chom reap sour [chom-reap-sore] – Hello (formal)

Cambodians have an extremely respectful culture, with elders and those of a higher social standing greeted using this more formal way of saying hello.

What does Lok mean in Khmer?

Some people in Cambodia are addressed with the honorific title ‘Lok’ for a man and ‘Lok Srey’ for a woman followed by their first name or both their first name and surname. Many educated and younger Cambodians offer a handshake as the common form of greeting. These tend to be more gentle and do not linger for long.

What is thank you in Cambodia?

Basic expressions / Common Words

Usa Khmer
Goodbye Lee Hai
Welcome Svakom
Thank you (very much) Orkurn (chran)
Excuse me Som toh
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