Your question: What is the main mountain in Thailand?

What is the main mountain range of Thailand?

Phetchabun Range, Thai Thiu Khao Phetchabun, mountain range in north-central Thailand. A heavily forested southern extension of the Luang Prabang Range, it runs north-south, forming the western rim of the Khorat Plateau, and rises to 5,840 feet (1,780 metres).

What are the most important mountains in Thailand?

Notable mountains in the area are Luang Phra Bang, Daen Lao, Thanon Thong Chai, Phee Pun Nam, Khao Khun Tan, and Phetchaburi. The tallest one is doi inthanon in ChiangMai, coming in at an incredible 2,565 meters above sea level. This region is home to the densest and largest sediment plains in Thailand.

Are there any famous mountains in Thailand?

1. Doi Inthanon. Famous for its waterfalls, trails, remote villages, sunrise and sunset, and bird watching, Doi Inthanon is one of the most popular mountains in Thailand. Known as “The Roof of Thailand”, Doi Inthanon National Park covers an entire area of 482 km in Chiang Mai province north of Thailand.

Is Thailand mountainous?

The most conspicuous features of Thailand’s terrain are high mountains, a central plain, and an upland plateau. Mountains cover much of northern Thailand and extend along the Myanmar border down through the Kra Isthmus and the Malay Peninsula.

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Are there mountains in Bangkok?

Khao Khiao is the mountain area closest to Bangkok, rising about 70 km to the southeast of the capital.

Khao Khiao Massif
The Khao Khiao Massif rising east of Chonburi town
Highest point
Peak Khao Khiao
Elevation 789 m (2,589 ft)

What is the altitude of Thailand?

On average, the land in Thailand is at an elevation of about 942 feet above sea level. At its highest point, Thailand reaches a soaring altitude of 8,415 feet above sea level. Located in one of Thailand’s most famous districts, the Chom Thong District, the highest point is atop the Doi Inthanon Mountain.

Is there a volcano in Thailand?

But, they don’t. Volcanoes – Another natural disaster that doesn’t occur in Thailand is volcanic eruption as the country doesn’t have any active volcanoes. Millions of years ago, Phanom Rung and Doi Pha Khok Hin Fu were active volcanoes, but they have been extinct for many millennia.

What flag is Thailand?

Thailand’s flag is five horizontal strips of red, white, blue, white, and red. THe Thai tricolor flag was adopted as the national flag and ensign on September 28, 1917.