How many public hospitals are there in Indonesia?

Does Indonesia have a public health system?

Public healthcare

Although the Indonesian government has introduced reforms to improve healthcare access for the poor, the country remains short on resources in the form of hospitals and medical professionals.

How many private hospitals are there in Indonesia?

As of December 2017, there were 1,009 public hospitals (with CAGR of 3.1%) and 1,767 private hospitals (with CAGR of 7.2%) in Indonesia.

What percent of hospitals are public?

Highlights. In 2008, there were 1,131 U.S. public hospitals. These hospitals represented 21.9 percent of all hospitals in the U.S. and provided care for 14.1 percent of all inpatients. Approximately 5.6 million hospitalizations occurred in public hospitals.

How many doctors are there in Indonesia?

That year, the number of general practitioners in Indonesia amounted to approximately 143.6 thousand, whereas 40.3 thousand doctors worked as a medical specialists.

Number of medical doctors in Indonesia in 2019, by type.

Characteristic Number of doctors

Does Indonesia have good hospitals?

For the most part, public health facilities in Indonesia are modest. Major cities like Jakarta have good public hospitals but rural clinics offer very limited resources. Additionally, most public facilities are in dire need of investment for modern equipment, laboratory services, and staffing capabilities.

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Does everyone have equal access to healthcare in Indonesia?

Since 2014, Indonesia adopted a “universal” healthcare system through a social security administrator for healthcare, known as BPJS Kesehatan, and as of September 2017 it has encompassed approximately 70 percent of the total population. But access and standards of healthcare is far from the same for everyone.

How many people have health insurance in Indonesia?

In 2019, the national health insurance-Indonesian health card (JKN-KIS) covered approximately 224 million people.

Is healthcare free in Indonesia?

Now Indonesians have access to services that are generous even by rich world standards: Free dental care, medicine, physiotherapy, as well as the full menu of emergency and chronic care up to and including organ transplants.

How many hospitals are there in the Philippines?

In total, there are approximately 1800 hospitals in the Philippines, of which 721 (40%) are public hospitals; the DOH directly operates 70 of them.

Hospitals, Procedures, Healthcare Professionals UN:

Number of hospitals 1,800 (2016)
Dentists 45,903