How many tarsiers are left in the Philippines?

Are tarsiers extinct in the Philippines?

Their unusually big eyes are the size of their brains, but the animals only grow to be about five or six inches in length. In the Philippines, tarsiers live on an island called Bohol. Unfortunately, Philippine Tarsiers are an endangered species. That means they are close to extinction and may completely die out.

How many tarsiers are left?

They are still found in parts of the Philippines, Indonesia and Borneo. It has been estimated that there are only between 5,000 and 10,000 Philippine Tarsiers left in the whole world and that number is currently believed to be falling. They are very loveable animals but do not live long in captivity.

How many tarsiers are left in the Philippines 2021?

They are a protected species in the Philippines with just 5,000-10,000 left in the wild.

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