How much does it cost to retain a number plate in Singapore?

Can I keep my existing number plate?

First, you can apply to retain a number plate which basically means you are applying to take the number plate off the vehicle and keep it. You can then keep the number plate until you are ready to use it again. … The original plates need to be retained and then, later on, reassigned to the vehicle.

Can we retain your vehicle number?

You can now port your car registration number for a new one like your mobile network service provider and retain your old car number plate. Similar to other regions like Delhi, Chandigarh and Maharashtra, the transport department in Uttar Pradesh has now approved a vehicle registration portability scheme.

Why can’t I retain my number plate online?

The usual reason is because the car is going to be sold and you don’t want lose the rights to display your personalised plate. … If you get a message saying ‘this registration number cannot be retained online’ call the telephone number displayed on screen and speak to a member of the the DVLA online support team.

How do I transfer a number plate from a retention certificate?

You will need to send the full V5C (log book) for the vehicle, and the certificate, to the DVLA who will arrange for the assignment and you will receive a replacement V5C back in the post showing the new registration. At this point you can inform your insurer of the change and display the acrylic plates on the vehicle.

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Can I sell a retained number plate?

The Certificate of Retention means that you are legally able to sell the licence plate. You can sell your number plate privately and ask any amount for it, but to make it easier to sell, it’s advisable to keep your asking price realistic. … You can sell to an individual or through a number plate dealer.

Do you have to pay to put a number plate on retention?

There is then no further charge when you wish to put the number plate onto a suitable vehicle. You can pay by debit or credit card to retain a number plate online; or a cheque, bankers draft or postal order made payable to ‘DVLA Swansea’ if you are applying to retain a number plate using a V317 form.

Does it cost to put a private plate on a car?

When it comes to assigning a number plate to a car, the vehicle must be registered to you. … If you go into a company and purchase a personalised number plate in the flesh, most will transfer the number to your vehicle for you – free of charge.

How long does it take to get a retention certificate?

The DVLA will check that the car is insured and taxed. Whether you apply by post or online, you will receive either a retention document (form V778) or a replacement log book with the vehicle’s new registration. It can take up to six weeks to receive a retention certificate.