How much is Durian in Vietnam?

How much does durian cost in Vietnam?

A Vietnamese durian can cost anywhere between 70.000 VND (3.1 USD) and 160.000 VND (7 USD) per kilo, and are mainly sold to satisfy domestic demand.

What is Vietnamese durian?

Translation of durian – English–Vietnamese dictionary

a large green fruit with a hard, prickly rind and seeds covered with cream-coloured pulp. It is known for having a very strong smell. sầu riêng.

Why is durian so expensive?

Once the trees start to flower, farmers count the days until the fruits are ripe. Depending on the breed, this can span 90 to 150 days. But it’s not only the time and labor that make Nont durian so pricey. The costs to provide this kind of care add up.

How much is durian in Thailand?

Grade A durian costs around 200 Thai baht [6.37 USD] per kg.

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