Quick Answer: How many school are there in Cambodia?

Does Cambodia have schools?

Education in Cambodia is controlled by the state through the Ministry of Education in a national level and by the Department of Education at the provincial level. The Cambodian education system includes pre-school, primary, secondary education, higher education and non-formal education.

Are schools free in Cambodia?

Even though public education is free in Cambodia, in rural areas the attendance at schools is below average, as children often have to work in order to help their families.

What is the most famous school in Cambodia?

What are the best international schools in Phnom Penh?

  • Northbridge International School Cambodia.
  • Invictus International School Phnom Penh.
  • French International School.
  • American Global Prep School.
  • Grand Mount International School.
  • East-West International School.
  • Zion International School of Phnom Penh.

How much is Ispp a year?

Finances: : In the 2020-2021 school year, the school’s income is derived from tuition and fees as its only source of revenue. Tuition rates are as follows: early years 1 (full-day): $7,179; early years 2 (full-day) $9,002; Kindergarten and Grades 1-5: $17,731; grades 6-10: $21,377; and grades 11-12: $23,086.

What is school like in Cambodia?

Education System in Cambodia

Primary Primary 9 years of basic education. Primary through grade 6.
Middle Junior High Junior high consists of grades 7-9
Secondary Secondary School Three years of secondary
Vocational Vocational/Technical School
Tertiary Bachelor
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