Where can I buy SIM card in Hanoi airport?

Can you buy SIM cards at airport?

You can usually purchase SIM cards and prepaid vouchers (or top them off) at hotels, drug stores, newsstands, and now at vending machines at airports.

How much is a SIM card in Hanoi?

SIM card often costs VND 50,000 with no credit loaded. However, there are a wide variety of available tourist packages. If you run out of data, there are plenty of kiosks along the street that sell vouchers to top up your credit. Top-up vouchers’ sellers are pretty much everywhere in Hanoi.

How do I get a SIM card in Vietnam?

A Vietnamese SIM card can be found almost anywhere from street vendors, phone shops, credit kiosks, at the airport on arrival, and at travel agencies. Most other vendors cannot register the SIM card for you, so it’s best to buy from the official carrier stores.

Can you buy a SIM card for international travel?

You can buy a SIM card online or at your destination and use it on another network to save money. When you buy a new SIM card, you can use your device but your phone number will change. An international roaming plan allows you to use both your phone and your phone number when you travel abroad.

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Can you buy SIM card online?

You may select your favorite numerals while sitting at home rather than hurrying to the store. The entire procedure, from purchasing SIM cards online through verification and receiving the SIM card, will take place online. It is possible to receive it within one day of purchase.

How do you recharge a vietnamobile?

How does Recharge work?

  1. Call 789 from your VietnamMobile number in Viet Nam.
  2. Call 0922 7897 89 from any other phone.
  3. Visit the VietnamMobile website.

How do I check my vietnamobile balance?

Balance check is *101# for main account and *102# for bonus account.

What is Viettel card?

Access high-speed internet data throughout your stay in Vietnam with the Viettel SIM card. Enjoy a convenient and hassle-free delivery service to your address in Taiwan, Hong Kong, or Macau! Experience fast and stable internet connection with Viettel. Travel to major cities in Vietnam with 4G/LTE network.