Your question: What is a pagoda in Vietnam?

Are there pagodas in Vietnam?

Pagodas are one of Vietnam’s top attractions for travellers. They are not just historical monuments of the past: Vietnamese visit them regularly to receive blessings, to pray or to organise charity events. The best time to visit a pagoda is early morning, when it is not too busy.

Can you live in a pagoda?

Ouem Vanna says that living at a pagoda means one has to adhere to its internal rules, including being out no later than 9pm. That deadline is not flexible, as at that time, the monks lock the gates of the pagoda for the security of the students.

Is a pagoda used for worship?

These are used as the places of worship by Taoists and Buddhists while they also perform some religious functions and gatherings in these tower structures.

Why do pagodas have curved roofs?

Curved roofs were commonly believed to ward off evil spirits because evil spirits hated curves and that they would also fall off of the roof due to its drastic angle. Thus, curved roofs are very commonly used in Chinese and Japanese architecture.

Are stupas and pagodas related?

In the Western context, there is no clear distinction between a stupa and a pagoda. In general, however, “stupa” is the term used for a Buddhist structure in India or Southeast Asia while “pagoda” refers to a building in East Asia which can be entered and which may be used for secular purposes.

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